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Surrounding Chiloé: My Hyperallergic Adventure

Thanks to funding from the Tremaine Foundation, I was able to travel extensively with my friend & colleague Ramón Castillo through Chiloé -- my fifth visit in eight years -- during late January and early February, and the three-part series came out in Hyperallergic a couple of weeks ago. It also dovetails with my two GoFundMe campaigns, to get La Capilla Azul open in Contuy, and to re-supply the Talller Litográfico at the Academia de Arts Islas al Sur in Castro.

Here's the initial article: https://hyperallergic.com/711804/the-compelling-curatorial-allure-of-a-chilean-island-and-its-artists/

This is the follow-up, where La Capilla Azul is announced: https://hyperallergic.com/711930/the-mystique-of-chiloe-reflected-in-its-art/

Here is the GoFundMe campaign to get La Capilla Azul up & running. As of today, we're almost at $11K of our $15K goal, which I think is fantastic: https://gofund.me/de09c245

And here's the GoFundMe to get much-needed printmaking supplies in the hands of one of the best arts schools on the island: https://gofund.me/85a939f9

Thanks to anyone who's donated to either one of the campaigns, or who has helped share it with others!

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