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Leandro Erlich: LIMINAL
2022-2023 Pérez Art Museum Miami/PAMM 
2019-2020 Museo de Arte Latino-Americano de Buenos Aires/MALBA


MALBA's retrospective exhibition of the Argentine artist Leandro Erlich, several years in the making, drew more than 250,000 visitors — the largest attendance in the museum’s history. Erlich is known for his architecturally illusionistic installations, which frequently employ optical techniques such as mirroring to induce a sense of displacement in viewers. 


In 2022 Liminal opened at the will Pérez Art Museum Miami, the first monographic survey exhibition of Leandro Erlich’s work in North America.

"Leandro Erlich's work has fascinated me since I first encountered it in the early 1990s, and his art reflects a Borgesian sensibility that feels like a quintessential cultural product of Argentina." 

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