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Senior Curator

New Museum
New York, NY

This group exhibition considered the all-encompassing nature of the grid in our daily lives, from small concrete details to large invisible networks. Although it predates the rise of social networks, Living Inside the Grid ponders the ways our interactive behavior is determined by the influence of information networks in the form of the internet. Bringing together 24 artists from multiple countries, the exhibition showcase installations by Absalon, Douglas Blau, Roland Boden, Jennifer Bolande, Monica Nonvicini, José Damasceno, Elmgreen & Dragset, Rico Gatson, Luisa Lambri, Langlands & Bell, Mark Lombardi, Rogelio López,Cuenca, Rita McBride, N55, Paul Noble, Marko Peljhan, Danica Phelps, Sen Snyder, Suh Do-Ho, Tomoko Takahasi, Ana Maria Tavares, Egbert Trogemann, Uri Tzaig, and Camille Utterback.

"During early 2000s, there were numerous signs that the impact of internet-based computation, while technically invisible, would be perceived through its effects on human systems, including behavior. I sought out artists who had as broad an understanding of grids as possible."

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