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DIRTY YOGA: 6th Taipei Biennial



Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Taipei, Taiwan

Since its inception as one of the first Asian biennials to showcase international art, the Taipei Biennial has been a meeting point for artists and art lovers from many continents. Dan Cameron chose “Dirty Yoga” as his theme, as an ironic reflection on how Western mass culture invariably seeks to monetize its relationship to Asian civilizations. All artworks for the biennial were presented within the third floor galleries and the ground floor lobby of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The 248-page catalog contains critical essays by Dan Cameron, Jun-jieh Wang (co-curator), Yukie Kamiya and Yu-hui Chen.

"What struck me at first about the opportunity to organize the Taipei Biennial was how easy it was to facilitate the participation of artists from mainland China — Cao Fei and Guo Fengyi — despite the absence of diplomatic relations between the two sides. It was also my first extended working visit to a Far Eastern capital, and I relished the opportunity to take in as much of the cultural landscape as possible."

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